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Indonesian Accents in a California Home

Posted in Furniture by gadogadointl on December 3, 2009

Recently, a Gado Gado customer here in Santa Rosa was generous enough to share some beautiful pictures of our products in their home.  We are always excited to receive back photos like these.

Teak bench, constructed from reclaimed lumber

Teak bench, constructed from reclaimed lumber

A hand-carved bench made entirely of reclaimed teak sits near the entrance of the home, providing a sunny spot to read the morning paper.

This hand-carved teak armoire, or “lemari” in the Indonesian language, has been converted by the customer into a unique living room entertainment center.

Teak armoire converted to entertainment center

Teak armoire converted to entertainment center

When closed, we have a beautiful hard-carved accent piece, and when open…

Teak armoire converted to entertainment center (2)

Teak entertainment center with shelves for components

The lemari was the perfect size and style for the room but had one too many shelves; the obvious solution: remove the top one to make room for a wide screen TV.

Sitting atop an end table made of reclaimed teak, we find an intriguing transformation of an old utilitarian object into a wonderful accent piece for the home.

Teak side table and wagon wheel lamp

Teak side table and antique Burmese wagon wheel hub lamp

This lamp is made from the hub of an old wagon wheel; you can see where the spokes used to originate around the circumference.

Old wagon wheel lamp

Old wagon wheel lamp

Finishing our tour on the back patio, we find an inviting outdoor dining set perfect for warm Santa Rosa summer evenings.

Teak patio set

Gado Gado teak patio set

We also find a pair of our popular “Palawan Loungers” for a bit of after-dinner relaxation as the sun goes down.  The arms rotate upward, and a hidden table slides both left and right for a relaxing drink…

Palawan lounger

Palawan lounger