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Timorese Ancestry: Anadeos

Posted in Culture and History by gadogadointl on June 16, 2009

Timorese Religion and Beliefs Cont.

For the Tetum people of Timor, the interior of the earth is said to be like a female womb, an underworld source of life where ancestors emerge. At the core of their world view they believe that all humans pass through a corresponding life cycle.

Female Anadeo Figure

Female Anadeo Figure

For many centuries, the people of both Sumba and Timor have carved stone and wood guardian figures known as anadeos. These anadeo statues are usually carved from sandy limestone, and in some rare cases, vesicular lava. The statues resemble people, and are typically seated in a kneeling position with the arms clasped over or across the knees.

Female and Male Timorese Anadeos

Female and Male Timorese Anadeos

These figures are placed in front of homes or a village square facing outward with the intention of frightening away evil spirits. Many of the statues have rounded bases, requiring that the statues are partly buried in the ground. Gado Gado’s collection of anadeos range in age from the early to late 20th century.

Anadeos on Hillside

Anadeos on Hillside

We also have a variety of East and West Timorese artifacts in our warehouse.


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