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Custom Arbor for Hot Tub, Sonoma County

Posted in Custom Projects by gadogadointl on February 28, 2009

by Tyler Keeley

Early in 2008, we were approached by a client of ours who wanted a beautiful teak structure built over her backyard hot tub. She quickly fell in love with other custom arbors we had constructed and decided a custom design would best suit her desires.  It was determined that we would use 60-100 year old reclaimed teak from demolished buildings and houses in Java.

Custom arbor in the backyard

Custom arbor in the backyard

After receiving the dimensions, we set about building an arbor to enclose the outdoor hot tub. The lattices typically found on the sides of our classic arbor have been rotated horizontally with a third lattice added at the rear.

Hot tub under the arbor

Hot tub under the arbor

Our design allows the top of the hot tub to fold back and over, with no disturbance to the structure. In addition, the front and rear overhead cross beams were enlarged into a triangular shape and more extensively carved.  The design also allows for a Sunbrella to be attached, providing shade in the summer time.

Detail of transom

Detail of transom

The components were joined together by mortise and tenon with wooden pegs providing the lock. This unique structure relies on the old-fashioned joinery of its creators, with only a few screws to clamp down the rafter beams.

Detail of corbels

Detail of corbels

We also included original painted and carved corbels at the corners, adding a splash of color to the golden brown teak.

At home with the new arbor

At home with the new arbor

After two weeks of construction and another month of shipping, our client’s arbor finally arrived. The piece was delivered and setup at her residence, and a new dimension of artistry was added to her backyard.

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